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g1rlanachron1sm's Journal

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6th November 2008


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23rd August 2008

12:51am: Writer's Block: Music and Moods
How do different types of music relate to your moods?
My music really affects my mood, or better yet, my mood affects my music.
There's quite a few bands I can listen to in all moods. 
There's a few that I especially listen to when I'm down, which is usually screamo/heavy metal/emo/sad indie rock,etc. 
When I'm mellow, I listen to a lot of acoustic/mellow indie/mellow music. xD
When I'm hyper/happy, I listen to a lot of upbeat indie rock, DRESDEN DOLLS!!!, and punk music.

Some days I'll just put something kind of angry or kind of happy or kind of mellow on, and that's how my mood is, without even acknowledging that's my mood.  I'm a weird one. =/
Current Mood: creative

30th July 2008

12:07am: Taken from someone's MySpace blog.
Is silence really golden?
At times.

Do you take walks often?
Nope. =/  I'd like to, though.

Do you have any interesting tattoos/piercings?
I have Alice in Wonderland and Gir as tattoos.  I have horizontal eyebrow piercings, and my earlobes are stretched to 3/4's of an inch.

Are you afraid to grow up?
Kind of.

Who were you with last night?

What language do you want to learn?
German, again.  Maybe Japanese. =]

Any upcoming vacations?

If you had to marry someone on your top, who would it be?

Do you care what people think of you?
Yes, deep down.

Would you call yourself smart?
At times.  I don't use the smarts I have ever.

Do you like to read?

Have you ever touched an elephant?
I don't think so.


What were you doing at midnight last night?
Surfing the interwebz.

Name something you CANNOT wait for?
Another tattoo.

What's your favorite season?
Spring and autumn.

Last thing you ate/drank?
Black Cherry yogurt and water.

Have you ever ran with scissors?

Who's making you feel the way you are right now?
No one but myself.

Most visited web page?
MySpace, Gaia.

Coke or Pepsi?

How many siblings do you have?
One biological one, one step-brother.

Do you have any pets?
None that are mine.

What's your favorite number?

What are you watching right now?

Do you know how to swim?

Is good grammar attractive?

Friend confessions:

Are you jealous of one or more of your friends?
Some, just because they are pretty/skinny.

Have you known any of your friends your whole life?

Are any of your friends taller than you?
Everyone is.

Have you ever been ditched by a friend?

Where do your friends live?

Have you been to most of your friends houses?

Love confessions:

Do you currently like someone?
Not really.

Do you get bored of your girlfriend/boyfriend easily?
When I have one, yes.

Has one of your crushes ever called you self centered before?

Personal opinion confessions:

Who do you want for President?
Hilary, but like that's going to happen. -.-

Do you think abortions are horrible?
Yes, but sometimes, I agree with people's reasons behind getting abortions.

Needles aren't so horrible?
Nope, they aren't horrible at all.

You have plenty of secrets that you share with...?
No one.

Other confessions:

Who was the last person that said "i love you" to you?
I don't know, actually.  No one usually tells me they love me. >_>

Top 17 favorite movies?
1.) the Crow.
2.) Alice in Wonderland.
3.)  Sweeney Todd.
4.) Ameile.
5.) Fight Club.
6.)  Clerks.
7.) Chasing Amy.
8.)  Clerks 2.
9.)  Harry Potter number 5.
10.)  Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
11.) Garden State.
12.)  Girl, Interrupted.
13.)  the Night of the Living Dead.
14.)  Rent.
15.)  the Corpse Bride.
16.) Shaun of the Dead.
17.)  Queen of the Damned.

Top 7 favorite bands/artists?
1.) the Dresden Dolls.
2.) the Cure.
3.) Otep.
4.) Twisted and Used.
5.) [old] Atreyu.
6.) [old] AFI.
7.) Tegan and Sara.

Top 5 favorite shows?
1.) Invader ZIM.
2.) Scrubs.
3.) Family Guy.
4.) Chobits.
5.)  Elfen Lied.

Top 5 favorite foods?
1.)  Chinese food. (doesn't really matter what it is)
2.)  Tacos.
3.)  Pizza (especially if it has mushrooms on it! ^___^).
4.) Sushi.
5.)  Spanish rice.

What friends of yours inspire you the most?
Lexi Hockey.  She's gone through so much and she's still kicking. She's conquered a lot, she's grown a lot, and she's still amazing.

What friends do you wish you looked like the most?
If I could mix and match friends' looks, that'd be amazing. =]

If you could make/mold/shape your life by hand, what would it look like right now?
If I could shape myself physically, I'd be a bit smaller. As far as life, it'd be kind of different, but it wouldn't change.

What do you look down on?
Even though I do it sometimes, I still don't like people that have everything they could possibly dream of and still aren't happy with life.  I look down upon people that judge me based on my weight or how I'm dressed.

What do you look up to?
People that live life to its fullest.

What do you want to accomplish by the time you're 20?
A whole bunch o' stuff.  Hopefully I'm doing good in college, I'm with someone that makes me complete-feeling, and I'm doing something I love.

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
I would fix some relationships I've fucked up, I'd get my arm and leg completely tattooed, I'd have a few more piercings, and I'd be laying by someone I love (whomever that may be).
Current Mood: accomplished
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